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Understanding the Bail Bonds Process

  • Arrest: A person is arrested and booked for a crime; they are now considered a defendant
  • Jail: The defendant waits for their arraignment or first court appearance while they are in jail.
  • Arraignment: During the hearing, a judge will set the amount of bond that must be paid for the defendant to be released from jail.
  • Payment: After the bond is set, the individual, or their friends or family, may pay the full amount and the defendant will be released.
  • Bail bondsman: If no one is able to pay the full amount they can call in a bail bondsman for help. This means they will only have to pay a percentage of the total bond.
  • Release: After the bond is paid, the defendant is released from jail and able to go about their daily lives.
  • Court appearances: For the bond to remain active, the individual is required to appear at all court appearances. Failure to could put the client’s freedom at risk, as well as the money or collateral put up as bond.
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